November 2012 - March 2013. / Web application. WP7. Android. /


What happens when 3 geeky Computer Science PhDs (Igor, Matej and moi) want to motivate themselves to exercise more? JIM is born, the mobile and web application to bring fun and simplicity to strength training. 


There’s a ton of activity trackers and fitness applications out there. All following the same patterns of manually entering parameters. But, do you want to swipe and type on your phone while sweating in the gym? Neither do we. 


The solution is an application for fitness trainers as much as it is for trainees. A brutally simple, straightforward mobile application backed by a powerful web back-office. JIM allows trainers to onboard more trainees as it gives them a clear overview. And gives trainees a portable trainer to keep at all times in their pocket.  

My role

I wore several hats. User research, product design as well as branding


  • Reached the Imagine Cup Finals

  • Paused development 2013-2014, resumed in 2015 and currently in beta testing with 3 fitness chains

Gamify Research

None of us had the domain expertise, so we involved the fitness trainers. With the help of gamification and my EPUI methodology they became active co-designers.


To motivate the trainers, I challenged them to a competition. If I do my rounds in the gym, they participate in the design process. 

JIM. The brand. 

My friends know that I'm a sucker for naming products. The same as with Edgar, we also hit the jackpot with the name with JIM. It's a great wordplay and together with Marusa, we designed a cool matching identity. 


Paper prototypes - Mobile

We iterated super fast and cheap. Using post-it notes, and plain sheets of paper and a bunch of Skype/Hangout calls. Every paper prototype was tested with the users as soon as possible. But firstly, we tested it as a "paper UI story" in the team. 

Hi-fi mockups

We launched the Windows Phone version first - partly because we won the Imagine Cup Finals and wanted to build on that momentum. 

The interface is extremely clean and I used a strictly no-nonsense design. The one-button concept was a complete hit both with trainers and trainees. 

The web application is still a work in progress, but it is fully operational and the beta trials are running smoothly. 

The web application is used mainly by trainers as they prepare the training and monitor the activity of their trainees. With JIM, they are able to work with more trainees at a lower price point.