I do talk. A lot actually. Remember, I was a teaching assistant at the University and I still teach from time to time. #justsaying. 

Even more so, I love to organise and facilitate design workshops for companies and organisations. Yes, I'm a huge fan of Design Jams and the organiser of Service Design Jams

My failures and other experiences help me be a surprisingly good mentor and friend to some of the finest small brands.

And yes, you can ask me to come and play smart at your event or play with your team. Just ping me on Twitter

GUEST LECTURER @ TECHNIKUM, WIEN (University of Applied Sciences)

Since Autumn 2016, I'm a guest lecturer and mentor at Technikum in Vienna, AT. 

Working with BA and MA students, teaching: UX Design, UX Management, Design leadership, Prototyping. 



Here's some of the talks and events I was seen at. 

9-10 June 2016, Prague (CZ) - Phoenix Tech Conference

18-19 October 2016, Graz (AT) - World Usability Congress

 UX Bucharest - 15-17 October, 2015, Bucharest (RO)


UX Camp Vienna, 2015


Travel Zoom conference & Fanfara Marketing Conference, 2015


UX for startups skilsharing, Betahaus, 2015

Design workshop with Association of Municipalities, 2015

Thanks for posing Jasmina :) 

Design the Box exercise with the main stakeholders. 

Design the Box exercise with the main stakeholders. 


Interaction14, Amsterdam, 2014

Design Thinking Workshop, Construkt Festival, Bangalore, 2014


Had a blast leading a design thinking workshop for startups and entrepreneurs at the biggest and coolest startup event in India. Together with Jacob Mathew and Shriya Kariappa. 


Pervasive Conference, Newcastle, 2012


HCITOCH Conference, 2012


World Usability Day 2011


International Festival of Computer Art, 2011